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We offer a wide range of colours and styles in both Granite and Marble. Bakers love to use Marble for their counters as it provides a cold surface for them to knead dough. One thing to keep in mind when using a natural stone for any surface, is that it's more susceptible to cracking, staining and chipping. Marble is a very soft stone and is encouraged to be used sparingly. Many people like the look and appeal natural stone offers while knowing their counter top is 'one of a kind'. With this selection, maintenance is much higher and we recommend cleaning your natural stone with detergent and water. Sealing your stone annually is of utmost importance and will ensure the stone is durable for the long haul.



Builder Series 
Designer Series 
Executive Series 
Executive Series 


Presidential Series Origin: Italy Statuario Marble is one of our most stunning marbles. It has a bright white canvas with a dark grey vein that can become quite thick in areas. Slab selection and availability varies per location and is subject to change without notice.

Presidential Series 
Royale Series 
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