We offer a wide range of wood surfaces to choose from. Whether you are looking for a wood counter top or wood detail, we've got you covered. All our wood excluding Caribou brand is custom made with options such as engraving, edge banding, planing, ripping, sanding, moulding and laminating.

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"Made with pride by Canadian artisan cabinetmakers in Edmonton, Alberta, our Caribou block is built to last. The species, thickness, stain, and profile of the wood can be chosen from our many available options to create any custom piece. We use non-spliced wood blocks sealed with RF glue technology, ensuring a flawless, food-safe finish to any commercial or residential furnishing.

When it’s made this well, Caribou is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Every Caribou butcher block is uniquely designed for the customer’s needs and is 1.75" thick with a 1/4" rounded edge profile. Our natural products vary in grain, colour, and hew, causing each to work best in a specific application."

Antiqued Oak
Antiqued Oak has swirls of complex oak grain brought forward in deep black, giving it an aged look. This wood is perfect for livening up uniform spaces with a distressed antique character piece.
Natural maple creates a timeless, understated beauty with its clear, light colour, minimal grain, and low stain absorption. Maple’s tight grain makes it an ideal food prep countertop.
Walnut has dark, complex, espresso-flavoured grains in a range of brown tones. This bold, elegant wood has no equal for natural beauty and makes for a stunning focal piece.
We work with a hickory species called Calico, which features muted auburns, soft browns, and a roller coaster of grains. This warm, bold wood makes for the perfect character piece.
This classic hard wood has strong up-front grains with a reddish tinge, has loose pores for good stain absorption, and wears well in all applications.
White oak brings forward warm oranges and light browns with variance in wood tones from block to block. And it does more than just look great: it’s lineal, clean, hard as a rock, and a true premium product.
Cherry has classic character and warm red tones with swooping, complex grains in a myriad of browns, creating a welcoming feel in any space it occupies.
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All Caribou surfaces are 1/4" Round With Flat-Edge

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